About us

Welcome to Fox Hill Mansion 

Fox Hill Mansion was established in 2004 as a residential home, and nicknamed “Royal House”, after its first occupants (the King family), who designed and built it. It was build with entertainment in mind: for small and large groups, with ample guest accommodation, and space for privacy and fun.

The name of the mansion and wind vane on the Orangery is a reference to the fox family mount, which was on the grounds. Although the fox family moved away, the name resonated with the Kings.

In 2018 the current owner opened the mansion  transformed it to cater for Weddings Events and Parties.


Public Computing has supported the work of Watoto Kicheko, an orphanage and baby home in Arusha, Tanzania since 2014. The orphanage has cared for over 80 children during that time.

We, along with Watoto Kicheko, look forward to a time when all Tanzanian children will be brought up in a family.

Public Computing and Watoto Kicheko continues to support the parents and their care givers in the coming years.